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Vincent Jackson Will Be Paid More Per Game in 2011 than DeSean Jackson Will Make for the Season

When I heard that the dynamic Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson was scheduled to make a little over half a million bucks this season, I immediately thought, ” I bet there are players out there who are making almost that much per game. ” As it turns out, there is one NFL WR making more per game than DeSean Jackson is scheduled to make for the entire 2011 season.

As of this post,  DeSean Jackson is currently holding out for a new contract. Prevailing thought is that the Eagles will renegotiate a new contract before the season begins, but if they don’t, Jackson will play this season for the NFL equivalent of “peanuts.” According to, Jackson will make $555,000 in 2011, while San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson will make nearly $12 million dollars, or just under $749,562 per game.

Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions will make just over $8.8 million, or $554,687 per game, which is only $313 less than Jackson’s entire season salary.

For reference, here is a list of top 10 Wide Receiver salaries in 2011. You can check out the entire list, as well as other positions at

Players                             2011 Salary  | Per Game Salary

1. Vincent Jackson         $11,933,000 |  $749,562

2. Calvin Johnson          $8,875,000   | $554,687

3. Miles Austin                $8,540,000   | $533,750

4. Larry Fitzgerald           $7,000,000  | $437,500

5. Steve Smith                  $7,000,000   | $437,500

6. Brandon Marshall     $6,500,000    | $406, 250

7. Anquan Boldin          $6,000,000    | $375,000

8. Andre Johnson          $6,000,000   | $375,000

9. Reggie Wayne            $5,950,000   | $371,875

10. Donald Driver         $4,100,000    | $256,250


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