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Bubba Smith Miller Lite Commercials

We were saddened by the news yesterday that Bubba Smith has passed away at age 66. Smith was All-American Defensive End from Michigan State and was the first overall selection in the 1967 NFL Draft. He played 9 season with Baltimore, Oakland, and Houston. After football he took up acting and starred in 6 Police Academy movies as the gentle giant Moses Hightower. Many sports fans will also remember Bubba from his roles in the Lite beer from Miller “Taste Great – Less Filling” advertising campaign, which was like the “This is Sports Center” of the early 80’s. A host of former athletes, celebrities and sports personalities starred in dozens of hilarious Miller Lite ads. We take a look of some of the classic spots featuring Bubba Smith.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the video and audio quality is lousy on a lot of these videos.

One of the running themes through the ad series was Bubba ripping a can of Lite in half and saying how he loved the “Easy opening cans.”

Bubba get just a couple seconds of screen time, but does manage to rip the top of the can of Lite.

The Lite Beer Open

“Hey Bubba, I think you got a birdie!”

There was another running theme where Bubba and fellow NFL legend Dick Butkis participated in various sports typically not associated with “Tough guys.”

Bubba Smith and Dick Butkis – Water Polo

Bubba Smith & Dick Butkis – Golf

Bubba Smith and Dick Butkis – Tennis

The Miller Lite Board Room

Who’s the most popular Lite Beer drinker? “Says here the winner is… Bubba Smith.”

Miller Lite Bowling Tournament

“Hey Bubba, This Ball doesn’t have any holes in it. ”

“Now it does.”

Simple Holiday Wishes from Bubba Smith and the rest of the Miller Lite Gang.

Thanks for the memories, Bubba Smith. Both on and off the field.

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