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Follow NFL Message Boards on Your iPhone with Huddle Up App

Do you love to interact on your favorite NFL teams message board? Maybe talk a little trash on a division rivals board? With the free NFL Message Boards – Huddle Up app, you can check all your favorite NFL Message boards from your iPhone.

When you open the app, select the Teams tab at the bottom and scroll through the NFL teams. Select a team and find the available Message Boards. Most teams have multiple boards to choose from, not just the teams “official” message board from the website.

huddle-up-1 huddle-up-2

Scroll through the messages and tap to read a thread. Select the “Heart” icon at the top right to add the message board to your favorites and access it from the favorites tab

huddle-up-3 huddle-up-4

You’ll get a brief introduction and you can get the full thread by selecting “Read More.” Some boards are better optimized for mobile than others.

huddle-up-5 huddle-up-6

A nice free app for any NFL Message Board fanatics. There is also Twitter feeds from some of the top NFL sites, bloggers, and other media.

Download NFL Message Boards – Huddle Up! App from App Store or iTunes.


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