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Best Football Games for the iPad

The NFL lockout is over and teams are getting back to business. Before you know it we’ll be watching games on Sunday. Got an iPad and love football? Why not play some games yourself? Check out some of the top football games for the iPad. 

Madden NFL 12 ($9.99)

The king of all football console games is also available for the iPad.  Madden 12 version is fun with great graphics, but the controls are tricky and take some getting used to. Want to know more, check out our review of Madden 12 for the iPad.

Download MADDEN NFL 11 by EA SPORTS™ for iPad – Electronic Arts

Madden NFL iPad

Backbreaker HD ($.99)

The basic concept is you need to get your ball carrier all the way to the end zone without being tackled. It’s similar to returning a kick, but without any blockers. As you advance, more players are added to the defense. It’s fun for awhile, but probably won’t bring you the replay value you’ll find in Madden. This is the original version that runs (.99).
Download Backbreaker Football from App Store or iTunes.

Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD ($2.99)

This updated version of the original add additional features like obstacles and the ability to jump over tacklers. The graphics are very nice and there is some added depth compared to the original. Like it’s predecessor, it may not have the greatest long term replay value, but it can be quite fun for awhile.

Download Backbreaker 2: Vengeance HD from App Store or iTunes.

iQuarterback 2 (Free)

This one is a lot of fun if your are all about the passing game. You are the quarterback and the goal is to hit as many moving targets as you can, as accurately as you can. Graphics are excellent and it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s ad supported, but the ads are just along the bottom and not at all intrusive. For a free iPad football game, this one is a must download.

Download iQuarterback 2 from the App Store.

iQuarterback 2

NFL 2011 HD ($4.99)

Includes all 32 teams and over 2,000 players. We didn’t review this one and the reviews vary from “Better than Madden” to “Constantly crashes.” It seems that to work great for some and not work at all for others. We didn’t feel like dropping 5 bucks to see which category we’d fall in to. Proceed at your own risk.

Download NFL 2011 HD – Gameloft

Blitz Football (Free or $2.99 Premium)

Another simple but fun football game. Using your finger to move the target you try to hit your receiver in stride to rack up up points. You can lob passes to get them over defenders or try to rifle them in. The more passes you complete in a row the more points you can rack up.

The graphics are ok, not spectacular, but the game itself is quite fun. Games are short so you can jump in a play a quick one if you only have a few minutes to kill.

Download Blitz Football HD FREE or go straight for the premium Blitz Football HD ($2.99)


Super Shock Football HD ($3.99)

Remember the electric vibrating football games? Super Shock Football HD is an iPad game based on that old school classic.  We haven’t reviewed it personally, but you can check out this video walk through for the iPhone version to get a better idea of the game play.

Download Super Shock Football HD from the App Store.

Super Shock Football for iPad Super Shock Football HD

Robot Football (Free Ad-Supported or $2.99 for Pro)

This unique football game is played with robots. You “program” your robots with instructions on where to move and then perform those actions by moving and passing the ball. It’s interesting. Almost like a combination of  football and chess, but seems to have as much luck as strategy. I found myself playing longer than I expected.

Robot Football is free and ad supported, or you can get Robot Football Pro ($2.99) and go ad-free.



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