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Follow Your Favorite MLB Baseball Players on Twitter with the Baseball Stream App for iPhone

Looking for an iPhone app that allows you to easily follow the Twitter accounts of major league baseball players and teams? Check out the new Baseball Stream App.

The app allows you to view tweets from a large list of MLB players, all the Tweets from a team, and view players Twitter profiles.

baseball-stream-1 baseball-stream-2 baseball-stream-3

Links from Tweets can be opened directly in the app (ed note: very convenient!), you can reply to, or quote a tweet, or send your own, and view a players tweets on one screen.

baseball-stream-4 baseball-stream-6

We haven’t personally reviewed the app, but we do like the concept. Perhaps the developer will follow up will similar offering for the NFL and NBA. The Baseball Stream App cots $1.99 and is available in iTunes.

Download Baseball Stream for iPhone from iTunes.

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