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How to Play Fantasy Football: ESPN Video Guide

Are you new to fantasy football? Perhaps you are considering joining a league for the first time? If so, you may want to check out this series of videos by ESPN’s Matthew Berry (aka “The Talented Mr. Roto”). 

Introduction to Fantasy Football

Just what is fantasy football? Matthew Berry explains.

Getting into a League

Here how to join a league or start your own.

Drafting a Team

How to choose the players that will make up your fantasy team.

How to Set Your Lineup

You’ll need to pick which players to start each week.

Roster Moves: How to Drop Players and Pick Up Free Agents

Follow your Fantasy Team Scoring on Gameday

Where to Play Fantasy Football

ESPN, Yahoo, and are all great sites for free fantasy football. Another great way to prepare for your fantasy football league is to participate in mock fantasy drafts.

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