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Packers News App for iPhone and iPad

Looking for ways to get all the latest news from the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers? Check out the newly released Packers News app for iPad and iPhone.

The Packers News app pulls articles from a wide variety of sources such as Yahoo!, CBS Sports, SB Nation,, various Packers blogs, and more. New articles are marked with a distinct red exclamation mark. You are provided with a snippet of an article before needed to follow a link to the article on the original site. There is also an NFL season schedule.

The iPhone version has the issue of full articles at the original site are usually not displayed in a mobile optimized fashion.

packers-news-3   packers-news-4 packers-news-5

The iPad version works quite well and the non-optimized webpages are not a big issue. The display is nicely laid out wit the headlines on the left and articles displayed to the right.


One negative is that articles sometimes appear twice because they are published in multiple locations and pulled from both sources. You can customize which news sources you wish to have displayed in the settings. We like this app for the iPad, but for the iPhone we much prefer the Green Bay Packers official app. Not that you can’t use them both, especially considering they‘re both free.

Download Packers News for iPhone or iPad.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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