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Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 iPad & iPhone App Review

One of my many justifications for purchasing an iPad was to use it for fantasy football. Not only tracking my team on Sunday, but for use on the most important day on the fantasy football schedule. Draft day. Today we look at using the Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 for iPad and iPhone to manage your fantasy football draft.

UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2012 version of the Rotowire Fantasy Draft Kit.

What is included in the “Draft Kit?”

Included are cheat sheets, depth charts, 2011 outlook, latest news, analysis and updates. Much of the same content you’ll find in a printed publication or online outlet. Where the app really shines is in it’s ability to track and manage your own live fantasy draft.

Price: $4.99 for iPhone or iPad (Download link below)

Note: All of the hands on testing and images are from the iPad version

One of the first things you’ll want to do is customize the draft settings based on your own league. Select the number of teams, roster spots (including bench positions), and your scoring system. The player rankings will be adjusted based on your custom draft settings.


You can filter players rankings by position, or overall. Tap to select a player and get a pop-up widow with last years stats, 2011 projected stats, a 2011 Outlook, and any news updates. From this pop-up you can also mark the player as drafted by your team, other team, or add them to a watch list.


A search feature is included which is nice, but it only works with last names. If you try only first names, or full names like “Andre Johnson” or “Chris Johnson,” you won’t get any results.


As you go through your draft, mark each player as either on “My Team” or “Other Team”


When your draft is finished you can email your roster from the “My Team” page.


You can update the data manually at any time by selecting the “Update Data” button on the bottom menu, or set a time frame for when to automatically prompt for an update.


Customize Your Rankings

Added via an update, you can now also customize the Rotowire Rankings. In the Settings, you’ll find “Edit My Rankings.”

Tap and hold the icon on the right and drag the player to his new position in your rankings.


UPDATE (8/12/2011): I thought I would add a screenshot of the offensive scoring customization options for some more clarity.

And here are the defense and kicker customization settings. IDP Tackles option becomes available if you toggle off the team defense setting.

We’ve tested the the Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 in a few mock drafts and it has worked wonderfully. This is certainly worth the $4.99 price tag for the draft day usage alone. The only way I could think to improve it would be to allow you add a customized rankings and perhaps a way to add your own player notes. Worried about not having an internet signal at your draft? Not a problem. All the data is stored locally, so you don’t need an internet connection to use the app. Just make sure you’ve updated the data recently so you have the most current information, injury updates, etc.

UPDATE (8/2/2011) – App has now been updated to allow you to customize the rankings! A fantastic feature addition by the developers. You can find this feature in the “Settings.”

UPDATE (8/13/2011) – Some commenters and emailers have pointed out that the app lacks some of the available scoring customizations available in Yahoo, ESPN, etc. While it would be pretty tough to include every possible scoring system that a league might come up with, it does stand to reason that if a customization option is available in the major League manager sites, it should be (and certainly could be) included in the ideal fantasy app. I’ve included screenshots above of the available scoring options in the app.

Note: When I first downloaded the app and ran an update, there wasn’t any content. After I power-cycled my iPad and ran updated the data again, all the content appeared.

Download RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2011 for iPhone / iPod Touch or for iPad


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