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Collection of the Best Fantasy Football Commercials Ever

We’ve compiled a collection of some great fantasy football commercials that have run over the past several years. Some are hilarious, others simply unbelievable. Many are indelible classics, others you may have forgotten about. Fantasy Football Commercials

A few years ago ran a series of spots for it’s fantasy football game that served up “Rules for Fantasy Football.” Not only are they hilarious, but dead on accurate. If you play fantasy football long enough, you will meet someone like each one of these characters.

Rule #8 Avoid Friendly Advice

There are no friends on draft day. “Manning retired. Which one? Both.”

Rule 17: Know How to Pronounce Your Draft Picks (TJ Who’s Your Momma)

There’s always a guy who mispronounces a name or two. This guy can’t pronounce TJ Houshmandzadeh. “Put Him on the Board. Houshmazilly. Got it. Championship. ”

Rule #32 There’s No Excuse for Absence

A Fantasy Football League is a band of brothers, and a wedding should not cause you to miss the draft. Even your own wedding. “You will take what we give you!”

At the end of the 2007 season, ran a spot for their “Fantasy Playoff Challenge” that featured the same characters from the “Rules for Fantasy Football Series.” The ad shows the ugly side of a losing fantasy football season and enticed fantasy footballers with the hope of a redemption for a bad season.

This second ad features owners and their losing teams with names like Boston T.D. Party, Romolicious, and One Giant Step. Fantasy Files

These commercials created quite a stir when they were initially released and left some folks asking “Are they real or fake?” They feature real NFL players performing seemingly impossible stunts in an attempt to convince fantasy league owners to “Pick me.”

This video below rounds up 13 of the great fantasy files commercials. Featuring (in order or appearance): Chris Cooley, Marques Colston, Neil Rackers, Jason Campbell, Braylon Edwards, Chris Chambers, Laurence Maroney, Mason Crosby, Chris Simms, Andre Johnson, Mike Nugent, Marc Bulger and David Akers.

Here are the additional 5 Fantasy Files spots released in 2009. Featured here are Joe Flacco “shooting” clay pigeons, Santonio Holmes getting two feet in bounds, Kevin Boss (is he crazy?), Darren Sproles avoiding tacklers, and Maurice Jones-Drew showing he’s explosive for any size.

NFL Mobile – The Toaster phone

Another spot with characters from the “Rules for Fantasy Football” series. This one promotes NFL mobile.

These spots for fantasy football go way back to 2004 and feature top players like Peyton Manning, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Strahan, and Clinton Portis.

“I’m Peyton Manning and this is what I play for.”

If you could only hold team meetings with your fantasy players.

ESPN Fantasy Football Commercials

This one comes from 2011. Your league has survived worse than the lockout.

Another 2011 classic… Karaoke Draft.

Michael Turner ruins this guys day. Sometimes Tuesdays are worse than Mondays.

Chris Johnson runs afoul of some fantasy leaguers. It’s not personal, It’s fantasy.

This is what can happen if you choose family over fantasy football. “Another kicker?”

“Nice Fantasy Hall of Fame Jacket, Ryan Grant.”

Greg Jennings – “Oh, that’s soft.”

The Geico Caveman reveals his Fantasy Football strategy. “It worked before. Why reinvent the wheel?”

ESPN’s mobile web

Reggie Bush talks his buddy into picking him first in their fantasy draft.

I can’t get enough of these fantasy football gems. Which commercial is your favorite?

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