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Love You Some TO? Get the Terrell Owens iPhone App

Terrell Owens has been rather busy the last few weeks. The 2nd Season of the T.O. Show premiered on VH1 last month, he signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, and now, his new iPhone app is available for download. Owens, of course, is not the first Bengals WR to have an iPhone app. Teamate and fellow VH1 reality star Chad Ochocinco had his own iPhone app released earlier this year. The was created by Rock Software. It the same outfit that has created apps for the aforementioned Ochocinco, the app for Floyd Mayweather, as well as an app for Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen. The Terrell Owens app has many of the same basic features as the others. A twitter client so you can follow T.O. on Twitter, News, which is a generic sports news feed, Schedule & Stats, a Bio, and more.

There is a How to Tie a Tie section that feature a little four steps tutorial with same simple illustrations. I have no clue how this relates to T.O., but it’s included in the App.

There is a Soundbites section, just like the Ochocinco app, that is probably the most entertaining element of the software. It includes perhaps T.O.’s two most famous soundbites, “Get You Popcorn Ready,” and “I Love Me Some Me.”

There is a photo section with plenty of pics of T.O. in action.

And a video section that is mainly interviews and clips of his reality show.


If you already have the Ochocinco app, you have a pretty good idea of what the Terrell Owens app is all about. If you are a big fan and can’t get of enough of TO, you’ll probably get a kick out of it. For the average football fan, there’s not alot here to get excited about. The soundbites kept me entertained, but past that there isn’t much else. The good news is it’s free, so there is no harm is giving this app a test spin.

Update 9/16/2010: The Terrell Owens Official App has recently been updated and the iAds have now been removed.

Download the Terrell Owens app from iTunes.

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