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10 Hilarious Fake NFL Twitter Accounts

What’s even better than following real athletes on Twitter? Following their overtly phony impostors. We’ve compiled a group of 10 of the funniest fake NFL Twitter account’s for your enjoyment.

John Madden

Get overly obvious Madden-esque commentary in 140 characters or less from FauxJohnMadden. And, This Madden doesn’t just stick to football. Boom!

Follow FauxJohnMadden


Jay Cutler

He’s got a strong arm, a lot of confidence, and has been accused of checking out of the biggest game of his career.  He’s NotJayCutler


Matt Millen

Sage advice from the man who made everyone forget he was once a great football player by single handedly turning the Detroit Lions even a bigger laughing stock. NotMattMillen.


Jerry Jones

He’s the man making all the decisions for America’s team and he really, really likes money. FauxJerryJones.


Peyton Manning

A sharp wit that goes along with that laser rocket arm and all those commercial appearances. PeytonsHead


Dan Snider

He runs the Redskins with loose pockets and managerial ineptitude. He’s FakeDanSnyder.


Bruce Allen

FakeBruceAllen may not really work for the real Dan Snyder, but he does tweet funny stuff about the Redskins.


Brett Favre

We think he’s retired for good, but then again, he’s fooled us before. Why not hedge your bets and get some laughs along the way with fakebrett.


Andy Reid

A food obsessed man who also happens to coach the Eagles. It’s HungryAndyReid. Time yours.


Al Davis

Would it really be any worse if VeryFakeAlDavis ran the Raiders organization?


There are certainly no shortage of hilarious fake NFL Twitter accounts out there? Know of any good ones we missed? Let’s us know!

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