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Watch BYU Football Games on iPad or iPhone with BYUTV app

If you are fan of BYU Football, Basketball, or any other BYU athletics, or are looking for any sports programming on you iPad or iPhone, you need to download the BYUtv app. BYUtv is not a sports app, it actually broadcasts BYUtv 24/7 direct to your iOS device, so you’ll get shows on everything from cooking, to nature, to spiritual.

BYU recently signed a deal with ESPN to broadcast at least 5 Cougars football games per year on the ESPN family of networks. BYUtv will broadcast at least one live football game exclusively each season. BYUtv has also partnered with ESPN  to rebroadcast all games on BYUtv the same day.

The on demand sports offerings are quite plentiful. Football alone currently has 58 offerings that span from the early 80’s up to the 2010 New Mexico Bowl vs. UTEP.

BYUtv iPad App

The BYUtv app is a real home run for BYU fans. It some in both iPhone and iPad optimized versions, the video quality is fantastic, and you have plenty of on demand options to go along with some exclusive events. Plus, it’s completely free. BYUtv for iPad and iPhone support AirPlay, so if you’ve got an AppleTV, you can stream video from your iPhone or iPad  to your television.  Unfortunately, Verizon customers on iPhones are currently out of luck since the app requires iOS 4.3, which hasn’t been released to Verizon customers yet.

Download the BYUtv app for iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad optimized version.

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