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Calculate QB Passer Rating with these iPhone and Android Apps

Unless you are a mathematician, you probably don’t understand how the Quarterback Passer rating is calculated. That’s ok, you’re in the overwhelming majority. If you ever want to calculate a QB Passer Rating, we’ve identified a couple of nice free mobile apps that quickly and easily calculate QB Rating and a few other passing statistics.

QB Passer Rating for iPhone

It’s about as simple and easy as an app could be. You type in the stats and it’s spits out the Passer rating, along with completion percentage, yards / attempt, and yards / completion. It’s also ad free!

qb-rating-1 qb-rating-2

Download QB Passer Rating from iTunes or the App Store.

QB Passer Rating for Android

Same name, same concept, but not affiliated. This Android version of QB Passer Rating provides not only the NFL Passer Rating, but ratings for NCAA, AFL, stats for Completion %, Touchdown%, Interception %, and Yards per attempt, and yards per catch.

Simple and straightforward with a cool football field background. Also ad-free!

qb-rating-6 qb-rating-5

Download QB Passer Rating from the Android Market

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