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Miami Dolphins Official App for iPhone and Android

Miami Dolphins fans with iPhones or Android devices can take their favorite team with them on the go with the Miami Dolphins mobile app.

You’ll find the main sections displayed as tabs along the bottom of the app, with additional content available by selecting the “More” tab.

The News section is broken into “Official”, “Tweets,” and “Buzz.” Official content comes from the Dolphins website while Buzz is news from other media outlets. The inclusion of outside news articles is great, and we believe the Dolphins may be the only app doing this. One downside is that all full articles are opened as non-mobile-optimized pages. You are however, kept inside the app itself rather, which is nice.

dolphins-10 dolphins-11

The Miami Dolphins app provides plenty of great multimedia content with both audio and video offerings.

dolphins-6 dolphins-7

Video quality is very good. You’ll also get some Dolphins related clips from NFL Network.


The Players and Coaches can be displayed as a list or in a slick “Cover Flow” style. You can also find the latest Dolphins depth chart, photos, schedule, tickets, and links to radio and newspapers covering the Dolphins. There is a stats section, but it just takes you to’s Dolphins stats page, which is pretty cumbersome.

dolphins-8 dolphins-9

Miami Dolphins App Overview

The Miami Dolphins Official App has much of the content you’d reasonably hope for in an app. It’s even got video and audio clips. We don’t like that the full news articles are forwarded to non-optimized web pages, and we’d like to see more (and better displayed) stats, but otherwise, it’s a quality NFL team app.

Download Miami Dolphins App for iPhone or Android

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