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Houston Texans Mobile App for Verizon Customers

Houston Texan fans looking for a mobile app for their favorite team are in luck… as long as they are a Verizon Customer… and you own am Android or Blackberry phones. According to the official Texans Twitter account an iPhone version is also in development.

The overall design is nice. It’s a visually appealing app with all the expected features like news, schedule, scores, and video content. Some of the tabs along the top of the app have “sub-tabs” that you scroll left and right to find more categories. This isn’t the most intuitive layout and may cause you to miss some of the content if you aren’t aware of it. News articles have a “Full Story” tab at the top you select to expand the entire article.

texans-3 texans-4

Full Texans Team and Player stats, and video content.

texans-5 texans-11

Texans season schedule and social media.

texans-13 texans-14

Texans Mobile Overview

The Houston Texans Mobile app is one of the better NFL team app offerings, but it’s Verizon-only restriction leaves out a big chunk of the fan base. We should also note that customers who don’t have unlimited data plans may be subject to data charges.

We really don’t like anything about carrier-specific apps and think it’s a bad direction for teams to take. Sadly, the NFL has done the same thing with it’s NFL Mobile app which leaves many fans out in the cold. Despite the Verizon exclusivity, it has an overall quality that other NFL app developers should be trying to match. Occasionally we found news articles without the “Full Story” tab, thus we just got a few lines of an article. It’s also a bit odd that the the Texans game isn’t listed at the top in the scores section. Other than those nit-picky issues, there is very little to dislike about Texans Mobile app itself.

For those of you who aren’t on the Verizon network, you can use the Texans mobile site at, but you won’t get some of the content, specifically multimedia.

Text TEXANS to 8915 to download the app or download from the Android Market.

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