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Tour de France All Access App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Looking for a way to follow the World’s premiere cycling event on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone? NBC Universal has just released the Tour de France All Access app. 

The app is free to download and access many of the features like news, highlights, stage results, maps, and cyclist profiles, but if you want to watch a live stream of the race on your mobile device, a $15 upgrade is required.

Note: Earlier we profiled the’s Tour de France All Access package that allows you to watch the entire race, ever stage, live online for $29.95. It’s important to note that this package is separate from the iPad, iPhone, and Android apps. In other words, you have to buy both versions to watch on the computer and mobile devices.

Tour de France All Access is available in an iPad optimized version.

Tour de France All Access App Overview

If you’ve already paid for the NBC All Access online package, you’re probably not going to like finding out you’ve got to pay again to also view  the live stream and GPS tracking features on your iPhone or iPad. Fans will be left feeling like NBC Universal is double-dipping into their wallets.  The apps themselves are nicely designed, but the video quality leaves a something to be desired, especially on the iPad. This may not be the case for the live stream (we weren’t willing to drop $15 to find out), but the quality of the video highlights is quite disappointing.

UPDATE (7.5.2011) App Store reviews for Tour de France All Access have been overwhelmingly lousy.


Download Tour de France All Access for iPhone or the iPad.

Android: Download Tour de France All Access from the Android Market.

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  • Ldkerluke

    I have both packages and currently am very frustrated with the video quality. I wrote to NBC and tried to sort out if there was a problem and the response I received advised me that I needed at least 1000 Kbps or better for good quality streaming video with their products. I do have that and still have poor video which is clearly not HD like the versus product was last year. I think we have been tricked with the old bait and switch tactic. I was expecting something like last year but it doesn’t appear so. In fact we have been given the opportunity to pay twice for an inferior product. Great.

  • Cmecham

    This app Is horrible. Save your money. At least read all the poor reviews before you waste $15.

  • Glink

    I have the same issue as LDkerluke. Stage 12 won’t even play past 10 minutes. The funny thing is, they told me my internet connection is to slow, but when I tried it at work (Google), I had the same problems. Hmmm, I thought our connection at Google Campus was quite fast, but maybe NBC knows something I don’t. Umm, perhaps it’s your data content provider?

    You want to see slow? Slow is what will happen if I try to get my money back. What a pain.

    I hate companies that steal from consumers.