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LSU’s Les Miles Method App Brings College Football Recruiting to the iPad

The LSU  football program has recently updated their “Les Miles Method” iPad app, which is aimed at enticing potential high school recruits to come play at LSU. The app is essentially an iPad version of LSU recruiting literature, but LSU fans will likely enjoy some of the content, especially the slick highlight packages set to music. They might even make you want to jump off your couch and strap on a helmet. The app, which is very slickly produced,  is broken down into 4 sections: The Coach, The Program, The Experience, and The Latest.


The Coach section features a series of videos and speeches providing Coach Miles ideals on and off the football field.


The Program features some great video highlight packages for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, identifies many of LSU’s players who have been successful in the NFL, and national media coverage.


The Experience details Tiger Stadium and  what it is like to play at LSU.


The Latest brings you Tweets from LSU Football’s official account and from Coach Miles himself.


Les Miles Method iPad App Overview

The Les Miles Method app is quite visually impressive. Great for any potential recruits, or talented kids dreaming of one day playing for the Tigers. Fans of the program will likely enjoy some of the content, like the highlight packages and the Twitter section, and perhaps even learn something new about the program. It’s free, so it’s worth checking out for any fans of the LSU Tigers or SEC Football. Download Les Miles Method from iTunes or the App Store. Les Miles Method - Overtime Software

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