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Kansas City Chiefs Mobile App for iPhone and iPad

Are you a Kansas City Chiefs fan who plans on attending some games this season at new Arrowhead? If so, the free Chiefs Mobile app for iPhone and iPad can help enhance your experience.

While, it does include some other features, the key feature of the app is  the “Locate” module. It helps you find your seat, the nearest restroom, food, or where your car is parked.

The Connect module provides contact information for the Chiefs, including a text number to report any issues during the game.


This video shows the Locate feature in a but more detail.

The “Media Stream” section has recent audio and video clips, including “Chiefs Live with Josh Looney,” and Live provides streaming media for any live team events, such as press conferences, etc.

Chiefs Live with James Looney

That’s about where the good stuff ends. The Updates section pulls up the feed of the top news stories from the Chiefs website, but to read the post you are forwarded to the Chiefs full (non mobile-optimized) site. This isn’t a big problem on the iPad, but essentially worthless on the iPhone. If you want the latest news on the on your iPhone, do yourself a favor and just jump to the mobile site by tapping the Chiefs Logo banner along the bottom.

Chiefs Mobile Overview

While Chiefs mobile does have nice features for the ticket holder at the game, it does leave alot to be desired as an overall team app. The deficiencies in the iPhone version are off-set somewhat by the link to the mobile site, but that’s not an ideal setup. It seems as if the developers decided to build half an app. Or, at least, they wanted to build an app for use at Arrowhead, and then just added the features that can’t be handled by the Safari browser (Media Stream and Live sections) and then threw in some filler content and a link to the Chiefs mobile optimized website. The “Updates” section should just be removed if it isn’t going to take you to a mobile-optimized article. The iPad version is unfortunately lacking that easy link to the Chiefs mobile site, like the banner in the iPhone version. The app is ok, but it really should be more fully developed to give Chiefs fans a better mobile experience.


Download Chiefs Mobile for iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

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