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Complete List of NFL Team Mobile Apps and Sites

The 2012 NFL season is quickly approaching  and we are updating the collection of all the current NFL team app and mobile sites to keep you in the loop with your favorite NFL team while you are on the go. 

Some teams may still have 2011 in the title of their team app, but as the season gets closer, teams will be updating apps to reflect the 2012 season.

NFL Team Mobile Apps

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Mobile (iPhone, Android)

New for 2012, the Arizona Cardinals app follows the same theme of other Yanzcam created apps and delivers updated news, video, audio, roasters, and most of the other goodies you’d want from a teams mobile app.

iOS: Download Arizona Cardinals Mobile from the App Store.

Android: Download Arizona Cardinals Mobile for Android from Google Play


Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Mobile (iPhone, Android, Blackberry – FREE)

Falcons Mobile is a free app available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Created by YinzCam, it’s well designed and includes all the content you’d reasonably hope to have in an app. News, video, stats, schedule, depth chart, injury report, etc.

iOS: Download Falcons Mobile from the App Store.

Android: Download Falcons Mobile from the Android Market

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Mobile (iOS & Android – Free)

Download Baltimore Ravens Mobile from iTunes or the App Store

Download Baltimore Ravens Mobile from the Android Market

ravens-3 ravens-6

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Mobile (iPhone – FREE)

iOS: Download Buffalo Bills Mobile from the App Store

Android: Buffalo Bills Mobile


Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Mobile (iOS & Android – Free)

Download Carolina Panthers Mobile from the App Store

Android: Carolina Panthers Mobile

panthers-1 panthers-2

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns (iOS, Android – Free)

The Clevenand Browns released an Official team app in August and it’s among the best team apps we’ve reviewed. Well designed, loaded with multimedia content and all other features you’d want like rosters, depth chart, news, press conferences, and even important information for fans planning on attending home games.

Download Cleveland Browns App from iTunes/App Store or  Cleveland Browns App from the Android Market.

browns-1 browns-2

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Official App (iOS – Free)

Download Chicago Bears Official App – YinzCam / Chicago Bears from the App Store.


Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Mobile (iOS & Android – Free)

Bengals news, sats, standings, on-demand video, injury updates, depth charts, game previews, social media and more.

Download Cincinnati Bengals Mobile for iPhone from the App Store.

Download Cincinnati Bengals Mobile for Android from the Google Play.

bengals-1 bengals-2 bengals-3

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Mobile (iOS & Android – Free)

The Cowboys followed the growing number of NFL teams having their official team app being developed by YinzCam, inc. This official Dallas Cowboys app delivers news, stats, standings, on-demand video, injury updates, depth charts, game previews, social media and more.

iOS: Dallas Cowboys Mobile 

Android: Dallas Cowboys Mobile for Android


Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Mobile (iOS – Free)

Delivers Broncos news, previews, reviews, photos, stats, box scores, depth chart, standing, social media, and more.

Download Denver Broncos Mobile from the App Store.

broncos-iphone-1  broncos-iphone-3

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Mobile (iOS – Free)

iPhone: Detroit Lions Mobile from the App Store.


Green Bay Packers

Official Green Bay Packers App (iOS & Android – FREE)

The Green Bay Packers app is very nicely laid out and includes news, videos, schedule, standings, roster, and more. They even promise a soundboard is “coming soon.” The only drawback is that the app loads rather slowly, especially if you haven’t used the app in awhile. You can tweak the startup options in the settings to try to mitigate the lag time. It’s a good thing the Packers have such a nice app because their mobile site,, is a rather poor effort with hard to select links and sub-par optimized pages. The App is free and available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android, however, the app has not been optimized for iPad.

Download the Official Green Bay Packers iPhone App from the App Store or Android App from the Android Market.

packers-1 packers-2

Houston Texans

Houston Texans Official Mobile (Android & iOS – FREE)

(UPDATED – 9/9/11) The Texans now have an iPhone app in addition to their previous Android release. The apps have different layouts but much of the same content.

Download from the Android Market or Houston Texans Official iPhone App from the App Store.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts Mobile (Android and iOS – Free)

Delivers all the latest Colts news, previews, stats, and multimedia.

colts-2 colts-3

Download Indianapolis Colts Mobile from the App Store.

Download Indianapolis Colts Mobile for Android from the Android Market.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Mobile (iOS only – FREE)

The Chiefs Mobile app itself seems to focus mainly on fans attending a Chiefs game with links to locate seats, restrooms, ticket information, and connecting with security if you have a problem while at the game. The “Media Stream” section has recent audio and video clips, including “Chiefs Live with Josh Looney.”  The Live section brings you live streaming events a they take place.

The “Updates” take you to non-optimized web pages and thus aren’t really worth using, especially since you can jump right to the Chiefs mobile website from within the app. Just tap the logo at the bottom and launch the Chiefs mobile website, which is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The App is free and available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. There is a separate iPad version which is fully optimized for the iPad.

Download Chiefs Mobile for iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

chiefs-3  chiefs-1

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins App (iOS, Android – FREE)

The Miami Dolphins Official App is loaded with content including video clips, audio clips, schedule, roster, news, and all the good stuff you’d expect. One issue is that the full news articles are forwarded to non-optimized web pages. Otherwise, it’s a top notch app.

Download Miami Dolphins App for iPhone or Android

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Official App (iOS – Free)

Download Vikings Mobile from the App Store.


New England Patriots

Official New England Patriots App (iOS, Android, and Blackberry – FREE)

The Official New England Patriots App is nicely designed, and includes some quality multimedia (Video & Audio). Sadly missing from the app are content such as rosters, stats, and standings. The mobile website,, offers basically the same content, but isn’t laid out as nicely as the mobile app.

Download iPhone, Pad, iPod Touch: New England Patriots App

Android Market: New England Patriots Android App

pats-1 pats-2

Patriots Gameday Live (iOS, Android, Blackberry – FREE)

This is a separate app that can only be used by premium seating members within the Fidelity Investments Club at Gillette Stadium. The app boasts on-demand instant replay, live cameras, and NFL Red Zone.

Download Patriots Game Day Live from the App Store or from the Android Market for Android users.

New England Patriots App 

New York Giants

New York Giants Official Mobile (iOS & Android Free)

Download New York Giants Mobile from iTunes or the App Store.

Android: New York Giants Mobile from Android Market


New York Jets

New York Jets Official Mobile (iOS & Android — Free)

Download the Official New York Jets iPhone app from App Store or iTunes.

Android: Official New York Jets Mobile App from the Android Market


Oakland Raiders

The Raiders (iPhone and iPad – $2.99)

The Raiders is a premium app ($2.99) that comes in both iPhone and iPad versions. It features news, video, schedule, Roster, ticket and merchandise information.

Download The Raiders App for iPhone or the iPad.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Mobile (iOS – Free)

Download Eagles Official Mobile from iTunes or the App Store.

Android: Eagles Official Mobile from Android Market

eagles-1 eagles-2

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Gameday Plus (iOS, Android, Blackberry – $1.99)

Steelers Gameday Plus is another premium App that we haven’t personally tested. Reviews have been mixed but trending upward since the last update. The App boasts real-time scores, drive-by-drive stats, news, roster, depth chart, standings, video-on-demand and twitter. There is also a free version with very limited features many of which are only available to fans in the wi-fi enabled club seats and suites at Heinz Field.

iOS: Download Steelers Gameday PLUS from the App Store.

Android: Download Steelers Gameday Plus from the Android Market

Steelers Gameday Live (iOS, Android, Blackberry – FREE)

Another app that is limited to in-stadium usage only. According to the developers, ticket holders within the Wi-Fi enabled club seats and suites can get on-demand instant replay, live cameras, and NFL Red Zone.

Download the Steelers Gameday LIVE from the App Store or Android Market.

steelers-1 steelers-2

San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers (iOS – FREE)

The San Diego Chargers App is a free app with a simple and efficient layout with news, video, photos, and blog. It’s not going to blow you away. The app is missing things like rosters, schedule, etc., but it will keep you up to date with the latest content from the Chargers website. Frankly, you’re probably better off using the Chargers mobile site.

Download San Diego Chargers iPhone app from the App Store.

San Francisco 49ers

49ers Gameday Live (iOS, Android, Blackberry – FREE)

The 49ers Gameday Live is a free app for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. It’s very similar in style to the Falcons Gameday app (and created by the same developer). 49ers Gameday Live provides news, video, schedule, stats, roster, depth chart, and social media updates. For fans at Candlestick Park, Gameday Live also provides real-time camera angles, replays and access to NFL RedZone (wi-fi connection required).

iOS: Download 49ers Gameday Live from the App Store

Android: Download 49ers Gameday Live from the Android Market

Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks Mobile (Android & iPhone – Free)

Android: Seattle Seahawks Mobile from Google Play

iPhone: Seattle Seahawks Mobile from the App Store.

Tampa Bay Bucs

Buccaneers Official Mobile App (iOS & Android – FREE)

The Bucs have joined the NFL mobile app world. There oficial app comes from the same developers that created the apps for the 49ers, Browns, etc. As with there other creations, this app is well designed with plenty of multimedia content and other features you’d want like rosters, depth chart, news, schedule, injury updates, and even a way to track fantasy players.

Android: Buccaneers Official Mobile

iOS: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Official Mobile App – YinzCam, Inc.

Bucs Mobile app Bucs 2011 Mobile app

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Mobile (iOS – Free)

Tennessee Titans Mobile from the App Store.


Washington Redskins

Official Washington Redskins App (iOS & Android – FREE)

The Official Washington Redskins App has some nice features, like the ability to switch to cover flow for scrolling through the roster, and the video content. Unfortunately, the news section only provides a introductory snippet of an articles before forcing you to jump to a non-mobile optimized page. On the plus side, it keeps you in the app rather than send you to the browser, but it’s still less than ideal. The App is free and available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, however, the app has not yet been optimized for iPad.

iOS: The Official Washington Redskins Mobile App from the App Store.

Android: Official Redskins App

redskins-2 redskins-1

NFL Team Mobile Sites

Ok, so your favorite team doesn’t have it’s own mobile app. Most NFL teams have a mobile-friendly version of their website. And, essentially, team apps simply pull content from the websites anyway. Typically, but not always, a web server will also recognize that your are using a mobile browser and automatically return the mobile version if the website.

You can easily create a Home screen shortcut on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad by selecting the bookmark button in the Safari browser, choosing “Add to Home Screen,” and give the shortcut a name.

For Android devices, create a shortcut in your browser just as you would for any site, then press and hold your Home Screen or the Menu button to pull up the options menu. Select shortcut, your chosen browser bookmark, and the bookmark itself.


Below is a list of mobile-optimized NFL team websites.

Arizona Cardinals:

Atlanta Falcons:

Baltimore Ravens:

Carolina Panthers:

Chicago Bears:

Cincinnati Bengals:

Cleveland Browns:

Dallas Cowboys:

Denver Broncos:

Detroit Lions:

Green Bay Packers:

Houston Texans:

Indianapolis Colts:

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Kansas City Chiefs:

Miami Dolphins:

Minnesota Vikings:

New Orleans Saints:

New York Giants: No Mobile site

New York Jets:

Oakland Raiders: No Mobile Site

Pittsburgh Steelers: No Mobile Site

Philadelphia Eagles:

San Diego Chargers:

San Francisco 49ers:

Seattle Seahawks:

Tampa Bay Bucs:

Tennessee Titans:

Washington Redskins:

It will be interesting to see how many new team apps will be released between now and the end of the season. Development of such mobile projects may have been put on hold this off-season with many franchises tightening their proverbial belts in case of a long work stoppage.

NFL fans may also want to check out some of the official NFL mobile apps. For Verizon customers with iPhone or Android phones, there is the NFL Mobile app.  For all other users there is the NFL ’12 App.

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