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Review: MLB At Bat 11 App for iPad

If you are a baseball fan with an iPad you’re probably going to want to check out the new MLB at Bat 11 iPad for the iPad. Before you do, check out our review. 

MLB At Bat 11 is fully optimized for the iPad and comes at a premium price of $15. There are 4 main sections to the App: Gameday, Scoreboard, Standings, and News. The app also includes Gameday Audio, and the option of adding


The Gameday feature is very similar to what you may see on or ESPN’s GameCenter. With Gameday, you are provided with a view of the field from behind home plate. The stadium backgrounds are artistic representations of the actual stadium where the game is played which makes for a very nice visual. Real-time updates display detailed pitch track information including pitch speed, type of pitch and location.

MLB At Bat 11 Gameday

The buttons along the bottom of the screen allow you to toggle on and off features like box score, lineups, pitcher vs batter matchup, play-by-play, and highlights of key plays.

Highlights are made available for viewing very shortly after they happen in the game and you can watch them in a window without leaving the Gameday screen.

Gameday Audio

Audio broadcast (both home and away) of every game is available with MLB At Bat 11. There are no blackout restricts.

Audio works fairly well with Gameday to make a nice fan experience when watching isn’t an option. Although, Game day tends to be a tad ahead of the audio, so you might see results flash up on the screen before just you hear them.

Another nice feature of the Gameday Audio is that it will play in the background even when you exit the MLB At Bat 11 app. So, you can use other apps or browse the web and listen to the game at the same time.


The news section is laid out very nicely. One issue for some, however, will be the inclusion of ads. They run along the bottom of the news section as well as in the individual articles. They aren’t terribly intrusive, and I have nothing against ads, especially when they come with free content, but after dropping $15 on an app, and perhaps more on, it does tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

There are embedded highlights in the news section that can be played without leaving the page, but can be expanded to full screen mode.

Note: By tapping the “MLB Teams” button at the top left you can pull up news from your favorite team.

The streaming video quality on the iPad is outstanding. Combine quality video with the on screen stats, pitch tracker, rosters, you’ve really got a great way to watch a game.

You really need to understand the blackout restrictions if you are going to consider As we point out in our review, the restrictions can be downright absurd in some areas. Also, your location in relation to blackouts is determined by GPS or IP address of your location, not by your credit card.

MLB At Bat 11 iPad


The Scoreboard give you a quick line score of each game. You can navigate to previous days to see past scores and details.

Double tap on a game and you’ll bring up more details on the game. Here you can check the box score, and watch highlights and read game articles. The Scoreboard is well designed and a great way to quickly catch up on all the MLB scores.


Standing is pretty self-explanatory. It’s MLB standing sortable by division and wild card race. This would seem like an ideal section to include additional stats like league leaders. One considerable e oversight is the lack of statistical leaders. Despite the abundance of in game stats, you won’t find Lists of home run leaders, era leaders, averages, etc.


Download At Bat 11 for iPad – from the App Store. At Bat 11 for iPad -

MLB At Bat 11 for iPad Overview

The only real knocks against this app (other than the premium price) are the inclusion of ads in the news section (not a huge issue for us, but some will disagree) and the lack of season stat and statistical leaders. Sure, you can get stats in plenty of other free apps, by why wouldn’t you include them here? It seems like it would have been an obvious and easy inclusion.

If you don’t  care to listen to broadcasts and aren’t planning on signing up for, then the $15 price might not be worth it. There is still alot of great content, but it’s content that you can also find on the MLB website, just not put together in the slick manor in which it’s done in the MLB At Bat app.

MLB At Bat 11 is a fantastic app, especially if you commit the resources ($$) to For many baseball fans, this is app will be a must have. Even if you just want to listen to games, $15 / year is a reasonable price. Add the audio with the Gameday feature and it’s really not a half bad way to follow a game.

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