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Rory McIlroy’s 2011 US Open Victory Interview with Bob Costas

After losing the 2011 Masters on the back 9 at Augusta, Rory McIlroy gave a post-round interview that had many golf fans (including this one) praising his poise and maturity and rooting to see him quickly bounce back and win a major. It could not have happened any quicker. McIlroy took down the 2011 US Open in record fashion (-16) as throngs of adoring supporters chanted his name throughout the tournament. Here is Rory’s interview with NBC’s Bob Costas immediately after being presented with the US Open trophy.

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  • ron

    As usual with, Costas he had to suggest that his victory might have had an asterisk because of the low scores. At the presentation Ceremony???????????? Get rid of him and Jimmy Roberts and show me some golf.