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Beat the Streak with MLB iPhone App and Win $5.6 Million

Think you can predict one MLB player who will get a hit today? If you can pick one MLB player per day for more than 56 days in a row (thus theoretically beating Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak) you win money or prizes.

You’ll need to have an ID, which you can sign up for at Download the app and link your account, then begin choosing one player per day to get a base hit.

Beat-the-Streak-2 Beat-the-Streak-3

Every hitter on an active roster is available. You are given a handful of “Top Picks” each day, or you can browse through he team rosters to choose your player.

Beat-the-Streak-4 Beat-the-Streak-5

They claim it only takes 15 seconds per day to play, and technically, yeah, you could probably do it that quickly if you only select from the top picks of the day. Even if you pick a player off any of the rosters it still won’t take you more than a few minute. Unless, of course, you are planning on running detailed statistical analysis of hitters vs the opposing starting pitcher. The game an app are free and you can win 5.6 Million dollars. Check out all the rules for more information and eligibility.

Download Beat the Streak – for iPhone.

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