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Watch the 2011 US Open Golf Tournament Live Online

The 2011 US Open Golf Tournament begins this Thursday June 16th from Congressional Country Club outside of Washington DC. ESPN will carry the first two rounds of the tournament on TV, with ABC picking up the coverage for the weekend. If you can’t be in front of a TV or don’t have ESPN, you’ve got a couple of options to watch the tournament online.

We should also note that if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, you can access exclusive live video and radio coverage with the US Open Golf Championship App. will have coverage of the US Open on Thursday and Friday beginning at 10:00 AM EST and running throughout the day. Spanish language coverage begins at 1:00PM EST. We always like to note that most, but not all ISPs carry

Watch US Open Golf on

The website will have live Marquee group video throughout the tournament in “near-HD quality.”  They also promise some intriguing new features like PicStream which post near real time photos from the course, and Play Tracker, which in addition to stats and and live scoring, will have real-time visualization of the course indicating group and player location.

UPDATE (6/18/2011): The video quality is impressive, even in full screen mode. Early feature group coverage on Saturday is the Phil Mickelson and Kevin Chappel pairing. There are no commercials or breaks in the live video feed.

UPDATE (6/19/2011):’s Sunday live streaming online coverage will begin at 1:30PM EST.

Watch the US Open Live of

Phil Mickelson plays a shot from the rough

The 2011 US Open Golf Tournament kicks off this Thursday June 16th and runs through Sunday June 19th.

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