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Get ESPN Podcasts for Free on iPhone & Android with TuneIn Radio App

We’ve long extolled the virtues of TuneIn Radio App for finding your favorite sports Talk radio shows like Mike & Mike, Jim Rome, and Dan Patrick. You could even use TuneIn Radio to get every ESPN Radio station without having to purchase the ESPN Radio App. Now, in addition to all the radio stations, you can also get ESPN Podcasts for free with TuneIn Radio App for Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. 

Note: There is now a free version of TuneIn Radio for iPhone as well as Android.

ESPN has some great podcasts, including both PTI and Around the Horn. In addition, you’ve got The BS Report w/ Bill Simmons, NBA Today, and a host of fantasy sports related shows.


There a couple ways to find a podcast. You can do a search, or browse for a program. To browse, scroll down until you find the “Podcasts.”

TuneInRadio-1 TuneInRadio-2

Scroll all the way down and find Sports Talk, then scroll down to find ESPN Radio, and finally find your favorite podcast.

TuneInRadio-3 TuneInRadio-4 TuneInRadio-5

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to save a podcast to the favorites in the Android version.


Get TuneIn Radio App from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below. There is also a Pro version (.99) that allows you to record your favorite stations and shows.


It’s a little trickier with the TuneIn App. They don’t currently have a way to browse for podcasts, so you’ll have to do a search to find a show. You’ll want to choose the “Recent Episodes” listing to get all the latest podcasts.

TuneInRadio-6 TuneInRadio-7

After you find the podcast, you can save it to your presets for easy future access. Tap the heart icon at the upper right and choose “Add to Presets.” Then you ‘ll be able to access it again by choosing the Presets tab at the bottom of the screen.

TuneInRadio-9 TuneInRadio-10

It may be slightly more cumbersome to find podcasts with TuneIn Radio than it is wit the ESPN Radio App, but you’ll save yourself $3 bucks. We were able to find just about every podcast we searched for with the exception of the new Michelle Beadle podcast. Although, we’re guessing that it could be added with a future update.


Download TuneIn Radio App from iTunes or the App Store. As with the Android version, there is a Pro version that allows for recording of shows and stations.

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