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Animated GIF: LeBron James Flop – NBA Finals Game 4

In years to come, when fans refer to a “LeBron James Flop in Game 4,” they’ll likely be referring to his 8 point performance. On a drive to the left with the shot clock winding down near the end of the 1st quarter however, James drew a foul with an over-the-top acting job on slight contact. Jeff Van Gundy took particular offense to his acting saying “That’s a flop” and  “Those types of plays, to me, are starting to make parts of our game a farce.”

Enjoy, repeatedly.

LeBron James Flops

You would hope that a player a great as LeBron would not develop the reputation of a flopper, but if he keeps putting up more acting jobs like this, and this flop against the Bulls during the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s bound to happen.

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