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Gridiron Grunts iPhone App Connects NFL Players & Fans Through Audio Messages

The NFL may currently be locked out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hear from your favorite NFL players. Literally. The Gridiron Grunts app for iPhone & iPad allows fans to subscribe to audio messages from a list of NFL players.

The list is small right now, but growing. They have secured some fairly big star players like Chris Johnson, Jason Witten, Phillip Rivers, and DeAngelo Williams, some emerging young talent like Jeremy Maclin, Sean Weatherspoon, Jamaal Charles, and rookies like Christian Ponder and Julio Jones. Earl Thomas, Wes Welker, and Cadillac Williams are listed as “Coming Soon.”

You can listen to a limited number of messages from players as a trial, with most messages being “Subscription Only.” It appears most of the players release a new message 1-2 times a week, give or take.

grid-grunts grid-grunts-2

Check out more about the app and how it works in this video from Gridiron Grunts:


The concept is certainly an intriguing one with plenty of potential. I would describe it as as an audio version of Twitter. Short audio messages sent out to followers of your “grunts.” At .99 / month to subscribe to each player, it could potentially add up to some substantial recurring fees. A monthly fee to subscribe to all the messages might be a nice option. It’s definitely an app to keep an eye on, even if you don’t subscribe right away. The app is free to download and allows you to check out some of the free preview grunts before deciding if you want to keep the app and subscribe to player “Grunts.”

Download Gridiron Grunts from iTunes or the App Store.

Gridiron Grunts - Gridiron Ventures, LLC

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