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Paper Football 3D Game for the iPhone & iPad

Did you play “Paper Football” at school as a kid? If so, you may find enjoyment in the Paper Football 3D Game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The idea is to slide your paper football into the end zone by using a finger swipe across the screen. You get one shot to score if you fail, then it’s your opponent’s turn to try to score. A touch down is followed by an extra point, which is attempted by swiping you finger to “kick” the ball through your opponents fingers. The game is split into 4 timed quarters, and you also have to deal with a shot clock on each possession.

You can also play “Kick Mode” which is simply kicking field goals. Try to establish a high score by converting as many as you can without a miss.

paper1football-4 paper1football-3

If you slide the football too hard or off the side of the table, it’s considered out of bounds, and a turnover.

One issue is that if you are backed up against your own end zone, it’s tough not to touch the ads.

paper1football-5 paper1football-1


Perhaps the younger generation won’t understand the appeal of paper football, but those who played “real” paper football as a kid may find enjoyment in the nostalgia of the game.

The graphics are nice and it is a fine representation of “real life” paper football. It’s takes a bit of practice to get the finger swipes down so you can score consistently. Even then, an inadvertent tap may cause you to miss a possession, while other times you may swipe your finger and find it didn’t register. The free game is ad supported. Normally, I don’t mind ads. I understand that developers want to make money for their hard word, but in this instance the ads actually intrude on the game at times.  Others may find the ads and the difficulty of winning too annoying and delete the app.


Download Paper Football 3D from iTunes or the App Store.

Paper Football 3D - Jirbo, Inc.

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