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Can You Watch the NBA Finals Online?

We’ve gotten quite used to watching the NBA Playoffs online with both and TNT’s Overtime Extra, but what about the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat in the NBA Finals? Unfortunately, ABC doesn’t provide a similar online viewing product. So, the short answer is, no, there is no legitimate online site for watching the NBA Finals live online. On the plus side, however, every game of the NBA Finals is broadcast on ABC, which is available in far more homes than ESPN or TNT.

If TV isn’t an option for you, there are some “less ideal” alternatives. If you don’t mind waiting, or can’t catch the game live, will be posting the replays of each game a few hours after they are completed. They are only available, however, until about 12 noon the following day.

You can also listen to the games live online. If listening to the radio feed of the NBA Finals is an option, all the games will be broadcast on ESPN Radio.

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