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SportsTap Sports Scores App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

SportsTap has been around for several years and still maintains a place among the best apps to scores and stats for major sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf tennis, racing and more.

SportsTap features a simple and uncluttered UI. The Home screen clearly organizes the various sports with recognizable icons, making easy to find the sports. In the settings, you can remove any sports you don’t want to see on your home screen, and re-order the ones you want so your favorites are listed first.

Note: All images are from iOS version, except where otherwise indicated.

A red circle above an icons will indicate that sport has live games in progress and the number indicates how many are currently underway.

sports-tap-1 sports-tap-2

Select a sports and you’ll find a simple and clean scoreboard with linked dates along the top that allow you to jump forward or back in the schedule.

sports-tap-4 sports-tap-5

Scores are pretty much in real time. You can constantly hit the refresh button for updates, although the data is refreshed automatically. In the Android version, the refresh button can be accessed by pressing the Menu button on your phone.

sports-tap-20 sports-tap-21

Scrolling down from the scoreboard you’ll find the Top Stories, Latest Player News, and links to more News, Standings, Transactions, Season Leaders, and Team Schedules.

sports-tap-10 sports-tap-14

We’ve found including the season leaders to be a great feature. Plenty of categories to choose from and it’s easy to pop back and forth between National and American Leagues.

sports-tap-11 sports-tap-12

Select a game from the schedule and you’ll find pitcher decision, a box score, and scoring summary.

sports-tap-6 sports-tap-7

Team Players stats give you the full game stats or team box score, depending on the sport.

sports-tap-8 sports-tap-19

Naturally, some sports will have different statistical breakdowns. You’ll also get a “Recap” of every game or match.

sports-tap-18 sports-tap-17

In the Settings, you’ll find you can set alerts for your favorite teams.

sports-tap-16 sports-tap-15

The Android version allows you to set your refresh interval in the Settings.

sports-tap-22 sports-tap-23


The beauty of SportsTap is in it’s simplicity. It’s not going to blow your mind with a slick UI, but it’s quick, easy and very user-friendly. There are a handful of great apps for sports scores and you can’t go wrong with SportsTap.

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

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iPhone / iPad: Download SportsTap App for iPhone or iPad from the App Store or iTunes.

Android: Download SportsTap from the Android Market or by the scanning the QR code below.


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