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KFFL Fantasy Sports App for iPhone, iPad, and Android has been a top producer of quality fantasy baseball, football, and racing news and content for more than a decade. Now you can easily enjoy all that content on the go with the KFFL app for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

The KFFL app essentially pulls content from the website, and for the most part, displays it in a mobile friendly way. If have ever been a frequent visitor to you are likely familiar with their “Hot Off the Wire” features. Hot Off the Wire is a constantly updated stream of latest breaking fantasy worthy news and tidbits.  It’s one of the great features on their site and has been for many years.

At first glance I was concerned that Hot Off the Wire wasn’t included, but it appears that the “Player News” section is essentially Hot Off the Wire. Unfortunately the abbreviated headlines make it difficult to easily browse through the updates and determine which ones you need to read.

Note: images below are taken from iOS version of the app.

kffl-1 kffl-2

The Player News articles are displayed nicely in an Mobile friendly way. There is a “Click to read more” link, but that takes you to the same post in a non-mobile optimized (traditional website) format. Plus, Hot Off the Wire posts are short and the full post normally is already displayed, so there is no need to follow the link.

The directional arrows take you through the posts one by one, which is a preferable way than scrolling the previous screen’s abbreviated list of headlines. There are “only” 50 articles displayed, which may sound like a lot, but they update so frequently that if you don’t check several times a day you are bound to miss stuff.

kffl-10 kffl-11

One cool feature is the ability to easily increase the size of text by tapping the +T button on the lower menu. The right and left directional arrows allow you to scroll through the other articles.


kffl-5 kffl-6

The KFFL articles are the real reason to download and utilize this app. The provide quality content like which closers are on the hot seat and which pitchers are schedule for 2 starts in the upcoming week. It’s the type of critical fantasy info that often makes the difference between winning and losing a league title.

The downside is that it pulls up a full article that isn’t mobile optimized and thus a little more difficult to navigate through and read.

kffl-9 kffl-8


The strength of the app is in KFFL’s content and the fact that it is at least partially (mostly) adapted for mobile viewing. Not only is the app free to download, it’s also free of any advertisements, with the exception of when you are forwarded to the actual website, which does have ads. The ability to adjust the text size is a nice feature that I’d like to see in more apps.

The only negatives are the abbreviated News headlines, which often make it difficult to determine what the article is about and whether or not you want to read it, and the “Articles” are not displayed in mobile friendly format. We also like to see a refresh button that allows you to update new articles without closing and re-opening the app.

There is also a search feature that we didn’t find particularly useful. With only 50 constantly updated posts, the chances of finding one about a specific player at any one time are rather slim.


iPhone / iPad: Download the KFFL App for iPhone or iPad from iTunes.


Android: Download KFFL from the Android Market.

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