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Mike Tyson Main Event Boxing Game for iPhone and iPad

This games is extremely similar to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out game for the old NES systems, but with different characters. The concept is even similar. Work your way through a variety of fighters until you get to fight the champ.


You start out on the Brooklyn City Gym circuit. You’ll have to defeat one fighter to move on to (unlock) the next fight.


Each fighter has his own unique personality and background information.


Using the on-screen controls, you move side to side with the directional arrows and throw punches with the “L” and “R” buttons. Down arrow allows you to block a punch and the up arrow with a right or left punch is an upper-cut.

You’ll also see your stamina on the right and the opponents stamina on the left.


In between rounds, you’re opponent will engage in a little trash talk.


Knock you opponent down three times and you’ll move on to the next opponent.



A very fun game. Graphics are top notch. At times the controls seems a bit unresponsive, which can be frustrating when your in the midst of a bout, but otherwise the game is a real winner. The game is free and ad supported, but the ads aren’t intrusive while you are playing. You can purchase Rockcash which allows you to buy things in the “Store” to help you fight, like a 3-pack of Power Punches.


Download Mike Tyson – Main Event from iTunes.

Mike Tyson - Main Event - Rock Software

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