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Get Who to Start Advice with Start or Sit Fantasy Baseball Android App

Are you looking for a way to help decide who you should start on your fantasy baseball team? Today we look at a Android App that can help you with those decision pesky lineup decisions while keeping you up to date with injuries, news, which players are tearing up the league and which ones are cold as ice.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon opening the App is that it covers Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. Currently, only the Baseball module is available. The Pro version (0.99) will include access to all 4 sports and features and will be Ad free.

The main menu has a series of buttons used to access the different features. The icons are not very self explanatory, so you’ll have to long press on each button to get a description.

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The namesake feature of the app is Sit or Start Player Compare feature. As you might guess, this allows you to directly compare two players, analyze their performance and health, and determine who you should start.

One annoyance for us was that the players are ordered alphabetically by first name, instead of last name.

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You’ll get three separate conclusions. One based purely on Stats, one on trending performance, and another based on health & injury. Based purely on statistics, it looks like Alex Rodriguez should start, and he’s not a bad choice, but that doesn’t factor in that Longoria missed much of the season so far with an injury. Thus, you can see the importance of the trending conclusion. It’s still incumbent on the fantasy manager to make his own decision, but the Start or Sit App does a nice job of processing information and returning it in an easily understandable format.

Unfortunately, it is missing the ability to compare ANY player regardless of position. Some leagues utilize a Utility Player and there is not way to compare say, First base and Outfield.

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You also get team rosters with statistical information and current trends.

sos-14 sos-15

League Leaders and Daily Scoreboard…

sos-23 sos-25

Pro Version Features

With the Pro version you’ll get daily Probable Starting Pitchers and a RSS feed with up-to-date news stories.

sos-13 sos-10

The Injured Player list gives you the complete list of players on the DL and their ailment. Coming soon you’ll be able to add your own fantasy team and track their trends.

sos-8 sos-24

Hot and Cold Trending Players shows you the ten “Hottest” and “Coldest” batters and pitchers based on performance.

sos-19 sos-22

To get more information on what trending symbols mean and how trends are determined, check the Glossary by selecting the Menu button on your phone or device.

sos-21 sos-12



  • The Start or Sit Comparison and the Player Trending are great features with loads of potential
  • Lots of quality fantasy aids for a reasonable price ($0.99)


  • Lacks visual appeal and we are less than thrilled about the layout. Too much right to left scrolling make using certain modules cumbersome.
  • Listing players by first name rather than by last name.

We love the potential of the Fantasy Sports App. The App needs some further development, but on the plus side, it’s an App and an idea that is worthy of development. Plus, ($0.99) is a very fair price to pay to get this app for Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey.  Where this app could really shine is in fantasy football, but it will certainly need to allow to for more than a two player comparison and the ability to compare players for a flex position.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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Download the Start or Sit Fantasy App Free or Pro from the Android Market, or scan the QR code below (Free version)


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