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Fun & Games: Electric QB Football

Back in the days before Madden Football on PlayStation, Xbox, or Sega. Even back before Atari and Intellivision, there was electric football. A vibrating game board moved little plastic players in various football stances randomly around a football field while you watched helplessly hoping for a touchdown. Now you can relive those days of Electric Football for free with this online game from ESPN. 

Unlike the original, Electric QB is much less random and the entire focus is on passing…


The goal is to complete passes by hitting the targets held by the receivers.


Hold down the left mouse button to increase the power of your throw. Completing passing gives you points and a certain number of points advances you to the next round.

Throw 5 incompletions in a round and the game is over.


Later rounds will featuring oncoming defenders that you need to avoid and throw around. Getting “sacked” loses you one ball.


Once you are out you can submit your score or play again.


This is a fun and slightly addictive way to kill some time at work on a slow Friday while conjuring up memories of playing Electric Football as a kid. (If you are old enough to have played it as a kid that is!)

Play Electric QB

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