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ESPN’s ScoreCenter App for iPhone and Android: Track the Results of Your Favorite Teams

Looking for an iPhone or Android App to get up to the minute scores and stats of your favorite sports teams? ESPN has a free one for you. Check out the ESPN ScoreCenter (not SportsCenter) App for all the bottom line info from your favorite sports and teams.
Note: The App is available for both iPhone and Android. The screenshots used below are from Android 2.2.

Adding your Favorite Teams

When you launch the app you’ll be greeted with instructions for adding your favorite teams to follow. Tap the Plus (+) button at the top right and then choose a sport.

ESPN Score Center App ESPN Score Center App

Football & Basketball gives you the option to choose both Pro and College teams. Basketball also includes WNBA and Women’s NCAA. Soccer is loaded with options for different leagues around the world. You don’t have the option to add college baseball or hockey.


All the Division One, Bowl Subdivision, Championship Subdivision, and Independents like Notre Dame, Navy, and Army.

ESPN Score Center App ESPN Score Center App

Once you’ve finished adding your favorites, you’ll see the recent results, current scores and upcoming games on the myTeams page.

Select the Menu button on your Android device and choose Preferences, then select mySports.

ESPN Score Center App ESPN Score Center App

On the iPhone version, select the Settings button at the lower left.

With Android, select the forward or back buttons at the bottom of the App to scroll through other pages like Top Events and any other sports leagues you’ve added. For iPhone, you can scroll through the screens with just a finger flick. .

ESPN Score Center App ESPN Score Center App


Select a game to get the Stats, recap, and game summary.

ESPN Score Center App ESPN Score Center App


Download ESPN ScoreCenter in iTunes

Find the Android version in the Android Market or install by scanning the QR Code below:


A nice app if scores and stats are all you need. It doesn’t try to do too much – you won’t find any SportsCenter-like highlights or other bells and whistles, but it does a nice job of presenting quick and easy access to the sports and teams you want to follow. It has such an impressive array of sports and teams to choose from that you are sure to find your favorites. Overall, the ESPN ScoreCenter App is a solid choice for tracking sports scores for both Android and iPhone.

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