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Yahoo Fantasy Baseball App for Android

Although the iOS version Yahoo Fantasy Baseball app has been out since the beginning of the season, Yahoo is only now finally getting around to releasing Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ’11 for Android.

Previously we looked at Fantasy Guru 11 App as a free alternative way to manage your fantasy baseball team from your Android device. It doesn’t quite have the visual appeal, and requires you to link to your Yahoo account, but it offers a little more in the way of features.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball ’11

First thing you’ll need to do is log in with your Yahoo ID. (Note: If you get an message about your Yahoo account being locked, try simply logging into Yahoo on your computer. That solved the issue for us.)

y-fant-bball-1 y-fant-bball-3

Changing your lineup is easy enough. Select a player, then choose bench (BN) or another player and then swap.

y-fant-bball-5 y-fant-bball-6

Just be sure to select Submit Changes before exiting or your changes won’t register.

y-fant-bball-7 y-fant-bball-8

You can pick up players from the waiver wire, although you can only really filter by position, not by stats. For instance, you can’t look for available player with the most stolen bases, strikeouts, etc.

y-fant-bball-10 y-fant-bball-12

When you do find a player to pick up, add / drops are quite easy. Just as with lineup changes you just have to make sure you hit “Submit.”

y-fant-bball-13 y-fant-bball-14


Download the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball App for Android from the Android Market or by scanning the QR code below.



The strength of the  app is in it’s visual appeal and ease of use. It allows you to check the standings, matchups, switch lineup, and perform add/drops, but that’s about it. You won’t get live scoring, scheduled pitchers, and searching for available players is limited. As with the iOS version of Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 11, I view this app as merely a supplement to the full browser version. It gives you the basics you might need on the go, but can’t truly be relied on to manage your team.


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