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Download and Watch NBA Playoff Games from iTunes

Did you miss a big playoff game? Or maybe want to watch a classic game again? You can re-live many of the great games from the 2011 NBA playoffs by downloading them from iTunes. Not every single playoff game is made available, but many of them are.

You have the option of purchasing ($2.99) or Renting ($0.99) each individual game. As you would expect purchasing the episodes means you keep it forever. When you rent a game you have 30 days to watch and 48 hours to finish viewing the game from the time you beginning viewing.

You can watch the games on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. And, it’s important to note that you don’t need an Apple device to download and watch these games. You simply install iTunes on your PC, and setup an iTunes account, download games on your computer.


Download Individual NBA Playoff Games 2011 from iTunes.

Popular Individual Games

Here’s a few of the popular 2011 playoff games from iTunes. (Note:  We didn’t include a link to Miami – Boston Game 5 because we noticed a lot of reviews claiming the game has no sound. Double-check the reviews on iTunes before downloading it. ) We’ll add more as they are added, or you can check them out yourself on iTunes.

Miami vs Boston Game #4 05/09/2011 – NBA Playoffs, Early Round Classics 2011

Chicago vs Atlanta Game #6 05/12/2011 – NBA Playoffs, Early Round Classics 2011

L.A. Lakers vs Dallas Game #4 05/08/2011 – NBA Playoffs, Early Round Classics 2011

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