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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Golf Game for iPad and iPhone

If you are a fan of EA Sports Tiger Woods series, why not take the game with you anywhere you go with the iPhone or iPad version of the game. You can compete as Tiger Woods, one of a variety of pro golfers, or create your own character. As you win “money” you can upgrade your equipment to improve your game.

Fair warning: It isn’t easy at first. It takes time to get good. It’s not like some console versions of the franchise when you can fire 62 right out of the box.


The first thing you notice when you begin to play is that the graphics are pretty outstanding.  The courses look scenic and detailed.



At address you’ll see the hole information, club selection, and more. When you are ready to swing, press the golf ball at the lower middle of the screen.


Tapping the target icon at the lower right lets you focus in on your target.


A swiping method is used to swing the club. Using your finger, swipe downwards for the backswing and then back up for the swing and follow through. You can work the ball right or left by curving your swipe path. With some practice you can be playing draws and fades.


By swiping across the ball while it is in flight you can add some spin.



For an iOS game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 is top of the line. Outstanding graphics and great gameplay make this one a real winner. There are a variety of games and you can even play head to head, but unfortunately only over wifi or bluetooth. There is even Facebook integration and you can challenge your friends to a variety of games. I’ve read some comments online about some users experiencing crashes, but I only had one brief instance of the game freezing. The “Full” version is currently $4.99 for iPhone and $6.99 for iPad. You can try the game before you buy with the “Free” version of the app to see if you dig it. You’re limited to playing the final 3 holes of the TPC at Sawgrass, but it does give you a good idea of what to expect from the full version.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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Download Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 from the App Store or iTunes, or try Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 FREE before you buy.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 - Electronic Arts

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  • Tiger Woods 12 is a piece of crap! It constantly crashes (ipod touch iOS 4.2.1). You have absolutely NO POWER until you upgrade after play for HOURS. I was so tired of playing St. Andrews OVER and OVER until I had enough money to upgrade. The interface is totally wrong and uncontrollable compared with Tiger Woods 11 (which had a great interface). When putting I can’t tell you how many times I had to 2-putt because I was a tap-in short of the hole (I have upgraded all the way up to 5 1/2 stars out of six on putting). Or if I increased the power of the putt by just a little bit it WAYYY over shot the hole and then often giving me a 0-0 to putt on the next shot. As if to make up for the error?? On hole 1 of TPC Sawgrass if you do a fade to the right it sometimes hit an invisible wall (Out of Bounds?) a couple of feet from the tee. WTF??? Making you lose the stroke and have to hit it again. Sometimes when you would roll the ball forward/side the ball goes crazy too far than what would be normal. The numbers are harder to read/see in some places (along with the flag stick). There is no option to practice with black, blue or white tees (you can only practice with the white tees). There is often a white square that appears in the lower right corner when the ball goes over the hole.

    Yes, it looks great but if the physics are wrong and the interface sucks and you have no power until you spend hours playing and then upgrading what’s the point? Bring back the Tiger Woods 11 interface/physics and put in the new courses and graphics.

    • Sperry023

      you’re dumb, you can spend a few hours in the tiger challenge stuff, get tons of cash and be ready to go.