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Golf Clap iPhone App will Appeal to Golfers with a Sense of Humor

If you take a more lighthearted approach to the game of golf, and like sound effects and sound bites, you might want to check out the Golf Clap App for iPhone and iPad.

The background images instantly give you the impression that this is going to be a goofy golf app, and for the most part, it is. Tap the home screen to hear the namesake golf clap. Below that, you’ll have options to listen other golf sounds.

Movie one liners consists almost exclusively of sound bites from Caddyshack with the exception of Adam Sandler’s “That’s your home!” rant from Happy Gilmore. All are classic clips that can still bring a laugh.

The Golf Commentators sound bites weren’t particularly good or interesting, but the sounds of the game has some nice choices like the sad crowd, fore!, and metal driver.

Included are some more “serious” features, like Golf tips. However, they are merely text tips with no video or pictures and thus really of little to no value.

The Golfer’s guide and golf rules rules are actually nice guides to golf background, rules, and etiquette that seems focused on beginners and less experienced players.


The strength of the Golf Clap app is in it’s entertainment value. The audio clips make for a fun sound board that can inject a little humor both on and off the course. The guides and golf tips don’t detract from the app, but they seem a little out of place. Plus, the tips aren’t strong enough to be helpful. A section of humorous golf quotes and jokes might have been a nice inclusion. Golf Clap is free and golfers with a sense of humor should gets some entertainment value from the app.


Download The Golf Clap from iTunes or the App Store.

The Golf Clap - Michael QUINT

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