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Team Stream iPhone App Pulls News Articles of Your Favorite Teams

The Team Stream App for the iPhone and iPad comes from the folks at Bleacher Report, but it gives you more than just content. Team Stream App aggregates articles from various news outlets, pulls them together in a single app, and sorts them by team. The app pulls from a fairly sizeable array of sites like ESPN, Sporting News, Yahoo, NFL, Local media, Twitter, and of course, Bleacher Report.

When you open the app for the first time, you are prompted to choose the teams you wish to follow.

team-stream-1 team-stream-2

Going forward, those teams will appear on the home page when you open the app. Select one to pull up the teams recent news items. The Updated time is displayed on the home page with your favorite teams, but unfortunately there is no publication time on the article list, so you don’t have any idea how old the article are as you scroll down through them.

You are forwarded to the article on the media outlet site, so many of the article aren’t optimized for the iOS device.

As you can see below, the Heat and Bulls haven’t been updated for 22 hours, and we are in the middle of the NBA playoffs. That’s just not going to be timely enough for most fans.

team-stream-3 team-stream-4

  • Pulls from a nice variety of outlets
  • The articles are not updated frequently enough.
  • No dates and times on Articles list

The Team Stream App is just OK. The concept is a very good one, but the app suffers enough shortcomings to keep it from being great.  In today’s world where 24 hour news is ancient, the updates just aren’t timely enough. We’d also like to see an option to display all team articles in one place. If you are an avid reader of Bleacher Report and like their style of articles, however, you might find it to be a worthwhile supplement to your normal routine of sports consumption.


Download Team Stream – Bleacher Report from the App Store or iTunes.

Team Stream - Bleacher Report

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