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Track your Golf Scores and Handicap with Easy Scorecard Android App

Are you looking for a way to keep score, handicap, and even golf stats with your  Android phone? The Easy Scorecard App for Android might just make the golf pencil and paper scorecard obsolete. You can even use it for frisbee golf!

Easy Scorecard has a free ad supported version, which is the version we are reviewing, in addition to  a Pro version ($1.99). The Pro version rids you of the ads and gives you some extra functionality like downloadable courses and additional statistical tracking like Greens in Regulation (GIR) and Putts.


The first thing you’ll need to do is add a player (like yourself) or players, fill in any additional information, and choose a handicap system. Select the Menu button on your phone and select “Add Player.” You can pull player information directly from your contacts by selecting the people icon to the right of the Name text box. Choose “Done” when finished.

easy-s-card-full-4 easy-s-card-5

Adding Courses

The Pro version gives you the ability to download courses, but it is a user generated database, so your local courses may not be available if they haven’t been previously added. If you are using the “Free” version, or your course isn’t available, you’ll have to add it manually. On the plus side, your information will be saved so you’ll only have to enter it one time.

From the Main menu select “Courses.” Next, select the Menu button on your phone and choose “Add Course.”

easy-s-card-7 easy-s-card-8

Enter the course name, type, and par score for each hole. To enter Tee information select the “Tees” tab at the top, and then the general tab.

easy-s-card-9 easy-s-card-10

Enter Distances and Stroke index on the corresponding tabs and click “Done.”

easy-s-card-11 easy-s-card-12

When you are ready to play a round, choose “New Round” from the main menu, then select your course and then Next, then the tees you’ll be playing from, .

easy-s-card-13 easy-s-card-14

… And finally your starting hole.


Enter your score with the numbers buttons below, the select next hole. By selecting the notepad icon at the top right you can add notes for each hole.

easy-s-card-19 easy-s-card-16

When you are finished you’ll see your score, duration of the round (No, I’m not a speed golfer, I was playing Tiger Woods golf!),  and have the option to share you score via email or social media.



It’s not the most visually appealing app you’ll ever use, but what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in functionality. It could also probably be a bit more intuitive, but pop-up messages do a pretty good job of guiding you through the process. Manually entering all the course data can be tedious, so you might want to spend some time filling in all your frequently played courses ahead of time. If you want the extra stats like GIR & Putts and the ability to download courses, you might want to try the Pro version for $1.99.

Overall, It’s a pretty great app, but for folks who just want something simple that literally just keeps score, this might be a little too complex.

If you are confused by any part of the setup or need additional information, the app developers, mydroidsoft, have published an online users guide for Easy Scorecard.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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You can download Easy Scorecard, or Easy Scorecard Pro ($1.99) from the Android Market or by scanning the QR Code below.


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